A Hidden Treasure: My Stay At Casa De Mita, A Luxury Boutique Hotel In Punta De Mita, Mexico

A Hidden Treasure: My Stay At Casa De Mita, A Luxury Boutique Hotel In Punta De Mita, Mexico

You’ll find this hidden treasure off the main road. There are no signs. Drive a mile up a bumpy, dirt path, and though you pass a few other properties, the area looks practically deserted. Suddenly, the taxi slows, and you knock on a door framed in lush greenery and flowers. A man welcomes you, and the interior design and ambiance immediately pull you in. Here, at Casa De Mita, a luxury boutique hotel in Punta Mita, Mexico, a 45-minute drive north from Puerto Vallarta, I feel at home. And that is exactly what Marc, the owner, intended to create. Marc is an American architect, passionate about design and decoration. After falling in love with the area, he purchased the property in 2010. He planned on making it his home, but then saw an opportunity to transform it into a hotel.

The hotel is comprised of two main buildings. The first built-in 2001, the second in 2002. Marc rooted the property’s design in traditional Mexican style. Talavera ceramics brighten every room with tiled showers, sinks, and flooring. Palapa roofs drape each building as if sheltering the white walls from the hot, Pacific coastal sun. Inside, intricately designed rooms invite you in like it’s home. All ocean-facing, the rooms pamper the guests. Wifi. Room service on demand. In-room snack and drink bar stocked daily. No need to leave if you don’t want. The only thing the rooms don’t have: television, encouraging guests to decompress, listen to the ocean, connect with themselves and another. The beds, plush and draped in elegant mosquito netting, give you permission to stay in bed all day. But look out, past the wooden doors from Michoacán, a state in Mexico, and the ocean a floor below motivates you to get up, get out.

Well-traveled, Marc has mixed all his worldly tastes and experiences to make Casa De Mita into the stunning, eclectic, intricate hotel it is. The dining room tables are handcrafted from wood from Michoacán, a state in Mexico. The lamps are from Guadalajara. The palapa roofs are all local materials, the best you can get. The lamps are from Guadalajara. There are touches of Bali, India, and many other parts of the world. Guests who stay at Casa De Mita come for relaxation, to be alone, with each other. They want low-maintenance. A chance to rejuvenate, to get back in touch with themselves, to connect deeper with whomever they are sharing the getaway, void of outside world distractions. The all-inclusive luxury hotel makes that experience easy. Guests never have to leave the property if they so choose. They have it all–food, drinks, toiletries–all necessities. It becomes an oasis.

Up until now, intentionally, Casa De Mita has been kept a secret of sorts. Trusting his vision, Marc has never had to market and promote the property due to his guests’ unwavering loyalty. Over 85% of guests are repeat; on average, 7 out of 10 guests make their next reservation before leaving.

Marc was determined to create his vision, a place that’s tranquil, high-end, with hands-on, ready-to-please staff eager to feed you, hydrate you, assist you in every possible way they can. As the hotel manager says, “When you need the staff, they appear; when you don’t, they’re gone.” And it’s true. They’re everywhere but nowhere. Like oompa loompas.

Everything is catered to the guests. With 4 chefs on staff and a dozen others cleaning and serving, every single thing is tended to. For me, decaf coffee is poured at the table as soon as I sit for breakfast, the chefs prepare guac and chips as if it’s going out of style, vegan options are on the menu nightly. For those who raved about speaking to Lalo, one of the many cherished servers, about the tequila and their histories, a designated tequila room was built. Breakfast is traditional: eggs and bacon and fruit. Lunch is Mexican cuisine. Dinner is a fusion of Mexican gourmet with international styles. The chefs cut no corners; everything is from scratch and crafted intentionally. Though the beach in front of the hotel is public, it’s a local spot–quiet, peaceful, and clean. The hotel’s gated door at the foot of the beach separates us from the others, and when you walk in and out, you truly feel like you’re entering and exiting another world, a wonderland of sorts. I feel at home and don’t want to ever leave.

hotel punta mita mexico Photo edit by @elliepritts

I couldn’t recommend Casa De Mita more. The staff, the grounds, the location, the tranquility…heaven!

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